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[07 Feb 2003|03:58pm]
ive moved to a different journal ;P
cuz i bought a paid account.
yep...so PEACE
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[23 Jan 2003|04:35pm]
off to work...
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[23 Jan 2003|01:37pm]
its ok...
just let it happen...
it will be over soon...
dont tell anyone...
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[23 Jan 2003|01:35pm]
Im so fucking sick of IGNORANCE.
People who say girls who have been raped put themselves in the situation. BULL FUCKING SHIT.
Sure maybe some girls dress trashy and look easy and tempt men into certain things. But fuck...RAPE is not NORMAL..nobody should be accused of putting htemselves in the situation...its something sick fuckers do to girls.
And what about girls who are raped when they are little? Fucking KIDS...ooo i suppose they went up tugged on the mans shirt and asked to be molested/raped/abused???? What the fuck...use your god damn head. This is another reason...why i fucking HATE people. This issue fucking seriously gets to me...and augh my fucking god!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE....i guess some people are just too busy with perfect ass fuckin lives to consider certain shit!
Maybe you people think its just a joke...but to tell people who have been raped that its THEIR fault...do u know how fucking wrong that is??? Telling them they could have stopped it...if they had more clothes on!?!?! ..NO ASSHOLE..its not supposed to happen in the first place..

so just shut your fucking mouth..cause you know absolutely NOTHING! augh my fucking god... Maybe if someone used you..and aped YOU youd feel a bit fucking differently?

Blind bastards...you dont SEE what the fuck it is your talking about...your too busy accusing people of being whores....well im sorry but last time i checked not everyone who gets raped is wearing a short skit and tube top...even if they were...THAT GIVES A MAN THE RIGHT?

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[23 Jan 2003|12:19pm]
im eating a stale ice cream cone :)
mm yumm! haha..

i think about dying too much...i really dont wanna die...
even though i used to want to all teht ime and sometimes even still do....but then again dont? ahh its fucked up...
its like ok heres a better way to put it

I dont wanna die...i want to live...i just dont wanna live THIS life.....i wanan live this life, but the life i lived when i was 4... :\
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[23 Jan 2003|09:14am]
im gunna get a piad account soon like..today or tommorrow...but i need a new user name :\ any ideas?!
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[22 Jan 2003|04:36pm]
im poor...i think im going to sell my soul on e bay :)
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[22 Jan 2003|12:05pm]
WASHINGTON (Jan. 22) - The government is adapting environmental monitors scattered across the nation to detect bioterrorism, hoping they will provide early warning if smallpox, anthrax or other deadly germs are released into the air.

The system would retrofit many of the 3,000 existing environmental monitoring stations with new filters to detect biological agents, administration officials said.

ok SUUURE i mean i think its great they are TRYINg to do stuff to detect it..but whats the use of that if its ALREADY in the air? covere the whole world with a ceiling filter? that filters out the agents and disease? RIGHT...ok...whats the fucking point...give me the money and ill go buy soem fucking new clothes :\
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[22 Jan 2003|08:13am]

hehe its so sexy :)
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[22 Jan 2003|07:50am]
aww my bg is so pretti!!! i made it all on my own...woopty woo!
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[21 Jan 2003|02:49pm]
ok if my fucking journal and computer dont fucking xooperate with me im going to shoot everything in the fucking kidney.

for soem reason on my "recent" entries page i cant see a friends link ANYWHERE...wtf.....
and also when i go to my friends page.....fucking the icons and shit go over the entries and i cant fucking read them.....wtf....augh..

and this fucking bird is going to die if it squaks one more time..seriously..shit liek that drives me mentally insane...no joke
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[21 Jan 2003|11:44am]
does anyone have any LJ codes? so i can restart a brand new journal ??? :\
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[21 Jan 2003|09:40am]
woo i did it all on my fucking own :) check out my LJ layout fuckers :) lol
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this is for aly...cuz she wants this dude...and i think hes nasty :) lol

and heres your man now aly
wow he dosent look a day over 80!
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[21 Jan 2003|08:56am]
ok i REALLY need help with a layout type thing so everything i typed is in a tiny box and centered....yea...so HELP ME :\
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[21 Jan 2003|06:57am]

i want to make a big penis...out of snow like ive seen pics of..thatd be great!@
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[19 Jan 2003|06:35am]
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[19 Jan 2003|06:24am]

haha ! aww?! lol...i miss holly!
muh bestest friendddd
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[19 Jan 2003|05:27am]

This is me and my "i almost care" face :)
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[19 Jan 2003|05:25am]
when people say shit indirectly it fucking pisses me off ...
if you have something to say to someone...or me...
just fucking say it asshole...dont be a pussy...

thats happened a lot...even at work...on here..
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