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xtippyx's Journal

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<3 <3 <3 This is me and my best friend Holly,
I love her to death and would do
anything for her! weve been thru
some pretty rough/stupid shit lol
n made it thru, i dont know what
i would do w/out her shes truly
the most amazing friend ive ever
had , n i love her with all my
heart! ITs just weird how we KNOW
well never find a better best friend
than each other..
HOLLY! I! LOVE! YOU!<3 <3 <3

No its not my bf..its Charlie!!!
Charlie is great! And is
hollys step bro..hmm Charlie
likes to wear beer boxes on
his head . Go charlie! ;P
[o ya...n thats me w/him!!]

lol you dont knwo how long it took
us to take this pic! we couldnt
kiss each other!!! lol...it was
hilarious though! lol we got out
first kiss on camera! :D lol It
will prolly be the last too ;P

This sweetheart right here
is mariah shes the cutest
lil thang isnt she!??! She
made me a sign!!! aww i feel
so special! Shes truly
absolute cuteness! *mwuah*
Imma make out with her....
erm..sumday!! lol

This cool cat right here
is Ally, as if u couldnt
read!!! ;P Shes number
one! Woo I <3 ALLY BAD
were going to have our
own band and talk in
british accents in
interviews :) GO US :)

Send me pics of you to put on here! Woo

[][][][TRIBUTE TO MY SEX SLAVE...ReowR!][][][]